If you are anything like most women, you lead a very busy life, juggling multiple tasks each and every day.  We tend to run on empty, but keep pushing on.  We push on until we break.  For some of us the break shows up as bitterness which oozes out of us in snippy comments or angry bursts.  For some of us the break takes all the life out of us and we retreat from those we love most. 

Life Renewal Ministry is here to be a resource for women as they seek something that will bring a sense of peace into their lives, to stop the mad rush that will only lead to the inevitable break.

We do so by leading women to the source of living water, Jesus Christ.  He offers water that refreshes our souls, and refuels our systems.  It is this living water that allows us to function smoothly in the busy times, while living peaceful, joy-filled lives.

Want some of that water? 

Come to one of our renewal days (see the “RENEWAL” button in the top menu bar), or connect with us on our Facebook page, Life Renewal Ministry.

It is time for us to take some time for ourselves and reconnect with the God who formed us in our mother's womb, and has a plan for our lives that does not include stress, worry, and fear. 

We hope to meet you soon. Until then, dear one, know that God loves you.  If you’re thirsty, he wants you to turn to him for living water.  I promise you, He will never disappoint you.